Emily M. DeArdo


Barton Cottage Crafts 

I started Barton Cottage Crafts in August 2017 when I noticed people were asking about purchasing some of my knitting projects. Since then, my offerings have grown to encompass several types of accessories: a scarf, a shawl, and a cowl. I make each piece from high-quality yarn, including yarn that is completely grown, spun, and dyed here in the U.S. You can commission any of the below, or choose a ready-made piece in any of the patterns below.  Each piece comes wrapped in tissue paper and encased in a labeled plastic bag to protect it during shipping. 

In the commissioning process, we discuss size, color, and yarn choice. Available yarn choices are below; some can be made with cotton if you are allergic to wool! I'm always willing to work with you to create an accessory that you or a recipient will love and wear for years to come. 

The price includes USPS priority shipping. I ship to the U.S. and Canada only. I use PayPal to process payments. 

To purchase: email me at bartoncottagecrafts@gmail.com or use the contact page here on the blog. 
If you live in Ohio, sales tax will be applied and your total will be a little higher than listed below. 


Basketweave scarves

Barton Cottage Crafts' signature piece! These scarves are made of a 70% superwash wool/ 30% nylon yarn, with three strands of color woven together to create a unique twist. No piece is exactly the same! These scarf colorways are named after my favorite characters in literature; above, you see the Anne Shirley. Can be made in solid colors.  $35. 


The Jenny shawl 

A simple, sweet shawl that is a perfect three-season weight. Named after Jenny Fraser Murray from the Outlander series, it channels her no-nonsense attitude but shows a feminine side in the detailed edging. In honor of the Scottish inspiration, I knit this piece in tweed yarns. Merino/alpaca, Superwash Highland wool/Donegal tweed, or merino/alpaca/tweed blend yarn.  $40. 


The Lucy cowl 

Even Narinan queens need to be warm! I imagine Lucy Pevensie would've liked this cowl.  Soft, amply sized, and warm, this cowl is knit in 100% American wool (grown, spun, and dyed in the US!) and will keep you warm and stylish whether you're having tea with the Beavers or running errands in your neighborhood. 100% American wool, 100% merino wool, or 100% pima cotton yarn.  $40