Emily M. DeArdo


NaNoWriMo 2013 novel

This novel focuses on three bachelor brothers living on the family’s estate in northern England. Andrew is the eldest and the title-holder whose life is dedicated to running Nottingham House. Mark, the middle son, is a doctor, and Peter, the youngest, is a literature teacher at the local boarding school. They co-exist uneasily together until the unexpected arrival of an American woman throws their delicate balance off balance.

I call this my Downton Abbey meets the Royal Family meets medical drama novel. The idea for it came long before Downton was a TV hit, though, so I guess I was ahead of the curve with the idea of a family that had a large estate and had to fight to keep it.

Unlike The Undesirables, this novel came to me with a germ of an idea, which was the car crash in the snow and the three brothers finding her. The Royal Family part was an addition that came to me while I was writing.

You can read the first chapter here



Manuscript status: second revision completed 4/15