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Yarn Along No. 26

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Let's talk yarn and book, shall we?

In the last Yarn Along, I was working on a lot: the scarf for the VA, and the last of the housekeeping gift of washcloths. I'm still working on both projects.

Scarf and dishcloth projects on the needles @Emily_M_Deardo

So the scarf is on the left and the newly started final washcloth is on the right. This yarn was sort of a bear to knit for the first few rows, and I don't know why this yarn (Comfy worsted from Knit Picks) can be so back and forth when it comes to starting projects.  It gets easier as I progress, but sometimes it's really smooth right off the bat, and sometimes it's not. This color is called blackberry, and it's on the harmony rainbow needles.


It's Wednesday! Join me for Yarn Along, where we talk about knitting and reading. @emily_m_deardo

For my reading, I'm working on Fr. Michael Gaitley's The One Thing is Three, which is about the trinity and a lot of other theological things, namely the Summa Theologica (which I'm studying in a group at church right now, so yay!). I've previously read his Consoling the Heart of Jesus and I'm going to be reading his 33 Days to Morning Glory later this month.