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{P,F,H,R} 8: Somebody's getting maaaaarried!

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So last weekend, I went to the wedding of one of my high school friends. So I give you: Wedding PFHR!



This is where the wedding took place--it was an Orthodox service in a Catholic church. But this church! Pretty awesome, huh? The windows above the altar represent the seven sacraments, and the virtues are painted all around the church. At the very top, you can see two of the four evangelists (all four are there, just no in my photo). It's a Franciscan church, run by Franciscan friars, but it's named St. Benedict's, so in the painting above the altar you have the twelve apostles and St. Francis and St. Benedict. 


I call it, "Flower Girl With Pig." 


Lydia (another Flower Girl) and me at the reception. Isn't she darling? 


The cake was so good, people. And yes, my friend plays the piano. Really well. 


Indiana on the drive home. 


(Also, if you don't get the title reference: I give you....)