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Yarn Along No. 40

yarn alongEmily DeArdo1 Comment

OK, so remember the gorgeous yarn I have? That basketweave was JUST NOT LIKING?

I decided that I'm going to use it--but not for basketweave. 


I've decided to work up my own stockinette stitch pattern, on size 9 needles, and make a scarf for me. I love this color yarn, and dagnabbit, it's going to get used, even if it's currently 68 degrees here in Columbus and not at all scarf weather. 

It's working up beautifully. I think part of the problem with the basketweave and this yarn was hat it called for size 6 needles, and this yarn really did not like that. 

The book is for a Facebook book club. It's good but it's dense, so I have to really commit to sitting down and reading it.