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Yarn Along No. 29

yarn alongEmily DeArdo2 Comments

So I have finished the scarf!


I really love this color. I'm going to make another scarf for the VA project in the Chipmunk color way (same yarn--City Tweed). 

As you can see, the washcloth is still coming. It just doesn't knit up as fast because there are more stitches per row, and they're smaller. But that's OK. 

The next thing I want to work on, knitting-wise, is purling. I know how to do it. I've done it. But I can't do it consistently, and that bugs me, and limits what I can knit. So we are going to try some stockinette stitch washcloths. I know. More washcloths. Sorry. But once I get it down, then we can move on to Basket Stitch pattern! Yay!!!! And who knows what else can come after that. 

But first--gotta get the purling down. 


Of course, right? I actually read this the day it came out, but I'm re-reading it. When my dad asked me what it was about, I said, "Realizing your parents aren't perfect," and that feels like a pretty good summation. Have you read it? What do you think?