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Seven Quick Takes No. 81

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The first full week of the new site has been great so far! I hope everyone is enjoying it and can navigate it easily. I know from my end it's a lot of fun to use. 


The weather here this week has been fantastic Goldilocks weather; not too hot, not too cold. It has been a bit too cold to go swimming, which is sort of sad, because I do love swimming, but it's nice that I can eat outside and that my car isn't an oven. 


So the book proposal has been sent to one editor. I'm going to prep the next one but I probably won't send it out until I hear back from the first one. However, that doesn't mean I don't have projects going. My novels are always in revision, and I've got an idea for another non-fiction piece. Also, I've begun thinking about NaNo 2015, and I think I might have a way to approach a piece I abandoned during last year's NaNo. I think if I use multiple narrators it'll solve some of my plot and pacing problems. But I have a lot of time to think about this. 


I should probably explain exactly what was in my book proposal, since I talk about it so much.  So here we go: 

The cover page is my name and the title of the book. The second page starts the actual content--an overview of the work, about me, the need for this book (as in, why the market needs another book), current related literature, author promotions (my website and social media feeds--so you guys are important!), table of contents, and then an excerpt from the work. Some places don't want all this--they just want the manuscript. Like I've said before, it varies. But this is a basic non-fiction proposal outline.  The excerpt makes the proposal look longer than it really is, because it's double-spaced. 


How is July almost over? I mean, really? When I left for vacation is was the 8th, and now it's the 24th? Days are long but the years are short, indeed. 


Have you heard Audrey Assad's music? If you haven't, go check it out. Her Fortunate Fall album is amazing. She was the keynote speaker at Edel and she did a fantastic job. I've been working on some of her pieces when I practice piano (I got the sheet music for Fortunate Fall at Edel). Some of the pieces my hands are too small for, but that's OK. 


What are y'all reading? I need some more book recommendations. (I know, you're going, 'what are you talking about, Emily?!) But I do!