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Let's Make Things Happen: GIVEAWAY!

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Guys! I am so excited to share my first giveaway with you, and for a product that I love so much. 

I wrote about this a few months ago, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that without Lara's amazing product, I'd never have gotten the memoir even close to where it is now. 

Power sheets are Lara Casey's fantastic goal setting sheets. They are undated and can be used ANY TIME at a six month stretch so you can work on what matters in your life. Anyone can use them--students, stay-at-home moms, teachers, entrepreneurs. Whoever you are, these are amazing goal setting tools. 

Goal setting used to overwhelm me. I had no idea where to begin, and I always felt like I was falling behind and not making progress on the big things in life. I always had vague ideas about things I wanted to do. But I read about the Power Sheets and I've used them now for almost two years. They are excellent for making things happen. 


I know--you're probably thinking, are these things magical? Surely you jest!

Guys, I'm not. The way Lara has these set up, you work through what really matters to you. Then you set goals from that place. You're basically distilling down your life to its essence. And your goals don't have to be huge! Some of mine are "clean the house" sorts of goals! I've used them to help deepen my prayer life, my writing, my blogging, and even friendships. You can use them for anything, and I guarantee they will help you reach your goals. 

So, to celebrate the new site and the book proposals being sent it, Giveaway time!!! 

The giveaway will run for a week. The rafflecopter below has all the details and ways you can enter. Also, be sure to check out Lara's amazing shop.