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Daybook No. 101

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Outside my window::

Cloudy. I think it's going to rain. I'm not opposed to that. 


Grey tiered skirt from Garnet hill, Top-siders, and a seaglass colored t-shirt. 


Persuasion, Middlemarch, and The Garden Intrigue--I'm re-reading the Pink Carnation series. If you haven't read these, they're pretty fun. Think Scarlet Pimpernel, but much more romp-ish. The last book in the series came out earlier this month, so I'm re-reading all the rest in homage. 


There will be 25 kids in my class this year, plus one adult aide for one of the special-needs kids. My church does a bang-up job providing CCD and catechesis to kids who have physical/learning disabilities. Our first class is on Sunday, so I have to make the folders for each kid this week (each kid gets a file folder with the parents' contact info, date of birth, and any additional information, that I keep for the year. If we have any communications with the parents, that goes in the folder.), and fill out the attendance sheets. This totally appeals to my Type A side. :) 


I went to the ENT this morning because my sinuses have been raising a ruckus, and one of them is infected, so joy. That explains a lot. So time for a two week course of antibiotics and hope that works. Otherwise, Plan B. I'm not sure what Plan B is at the moment. :) This may throw off my exercise game, but we'll see. I don't have a fever, which I sometimes get with sinus infections, but I  haven't been sleeping all that well, which of course impacts daily energy. But I'm going to try to stick with my program!

Around the House:: 

One of my goals for this month was to really work on cleaning out each room in turn, getting rid of things I don't want/don't use, and keeping the house in a general state of orderliness. I have to say, I think I've done pretty well in this regard. The house gets a general tidiness overview once a week (dusting, vacuuming, etc.) and each week has a specific "focus" area that gets deep cleaned, meaning the furniture gets  dusted with Pledge, and polished; sheets or linens (like towels) get changed; and the room is evaluated for things I don't want/use anymore. This week is the bedroom, so I vacuumed it this morning and changed the sheets on Sunday. My mom will read this and say, I TOLD YOU, but I really do like having the house in better order. 

Plans for the week::

  • CCD prep
  • The Last Jane Re-read goes up on Thursday--Persuasion
  • starting a new knitting project
  • an audition on Friday night. 
  • The end of the Dominican Saints series.