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Writing Updates

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It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so here we go: 

  • The book proposal has been sent to an editor with Ave Maria Press. I'm preparing the final touches to my manuscript so I can send it to Ignatius Press, pending a response from AMP. Ignatius Press is one of of favorite publishers, so getting them to accept the book would be like winning the lottery...and I've never been lucky. But nothing happens if you don't try, right? They want the entire manuscript, so I have to add an epilogue to it and give it a quick polish in the formatting department. 
  • My July piece for Real Housekeeping was Books To Read To Babies and Kids. My August piece, which is forthcoming, is about Pantry Stocking, and my September pieces are written from the points of view of Amy March and Almanzo Wilder. I'll post August once it's up!
  • Today I'm starting a series on Dominican saints. Powwowing with a few Twitter peeps led me to see that many people are not aware of the awesomeness that is Dominican saints, so I'm going to fix that. Yesterday was St. Dominic's feast day, so I'll probably start with him, and then go through the Greatest Hits list, including some saints that weren't Dominicans (born too early!) but are nonetheless patrons of the order. 
  • I also do editing projects! Currently I'm helping the good people at St. Mary's Parish here in Columbus with an anniversary book they're putting together. If you would like some editing help, just use the contact form on the site here.