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{P,F,H,R} 4--Fall is here!

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The pumpkin display outside one of the local Whole Foods stores. How many pies do you think we'd get out of all these? I also love the little basket of squash. 

I really love fall. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, though, but these were just so pretty, all arranged together outside the store on a lovely First Day of Fall! 


Guys, this is just SO funny, and since I'm distantly related to Cardinal Wuerl, I can use this for my funny, right? I geek out whenever a pope comes to D.C. now because it's total Distant Cousin Mania time!


This is our CCD classroom door this year. Sr. Paulina, who came to the US from Poland a few months ago, has been helping in our class (partially to help improve her English), and she is greatly gifted with a laminator and some construction paper! I love what she did to our door. 

(I don't know why the little guy looks so oddly squished--but take my word for it, he doesn't look like that!)

This is one of my few fall decorations. While my mom is the Queen of All Household Decorating Things--you should see the house at Christmas!--I don't have as many decorations. I did, however, pick this guy up at Hallmark as part of their 12 months of ornaments series, along with this guy: 

See the little kitty? And I have my Seasonal Angel, too, who's out in her full glory. 

The next ornament in the series is a Turkey--they're all designed to look like cupcakes. The first one, for August, was a crab on sand, which was adorable. 


This is part of the Radiology Department at "The Resort"--aka, my hospital. Since the new addition was built, there is a fancy new "imaging" department, which has taken over most of the traffic that used to come here, when this was Main Radiology for clinics, the ER, inpatients, you name it. I have spent a lot of time in these hallways--sometimes in a bed, sometimes in a wheelchair, sometimes under my own power. After transplant, I came down here every morning around 6 AM for a chest x-ray. It was hard to walk back then--I needed breaks. Can you imagine needing breaks to walk a few feet? It's sort of unbelievable now. 

The only things down here anymore are the regular radiology rooms, and the bone density scanner. The CT scans and nuclear medicine have been moved to the new digs. But this part of the hospital is still a part of my life, because this is where I go for my chest x-rays now before my transplant clinic appointments. 

So I'm probably never going to escape these walls, or that tile pattern--but at least when I'm down here now, it's not an emergency. It's routine.