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OK, yes, I live in the Midwest. But I love Southern Living, and this cover is just too pretty! Yay Fall! 




Dinosaurs at the supermarket? Funny. 



The book manuscript has been sent off to its first publisher! Yayyyyyyy!

(Want to help increase its chances of being published? Read here.) 


So yesterday exterminators were looking at my townhouse. No, I do not have bugs. A person a few doors down does, and since our houses are all connected in groups of six, every house had to be inspected and/or treated. This involved taking everything off the kitchen and bathroom counters and moving all the furniture out from the walls. You can imagine how functional my place was, after all that.Not so much.

I had a lot to do yesterday, so I decided to get up early and decamp to the local Starbucks to write and work while the exterminators "inspected" my house. So here's my lovely setup, and it really was quite lovely; I got a lot of work done before I went to drop off the manuscript and have lunch with my mom.