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Yarn Along No. 44: A Tour of the Stash

Emily DeArdoComment

Today's a bit of a different Yarn Along here. I don't have a new project on my needles yet, but (sorry guys) it's probably going to be another dishcloth/trivet/something for the house, because I have a TON of yarn for dishcloths that I want to use up, and I need some more washcloths here. And if I'm going to practice the basketweave pattern, I'd rather do it in a washcloth. So, with all that, that's what the next projects are going to be. Eventually, I swear, it will get more interesting. 


Anyway, I thought it might be fun to show you some photos of my current yarn stash. I have some really wonderful colors in here and while they're waiting their turn to be on the needles, they hang out in this large basket I got at Target.


Some of them are in various stages of preparation--you can see that some come ready to use, but others come in hanks, and have to be wound into balls. This is something that takes me awhile, since I don't have a swift, and I have to do it by hand. It involves sitting on the floor in front of a game or a movie, so with March Madness starting tomorrow, that would be a great time to wind some of these hanks. 

I knit for a lot of the reasons I draw--it's creative, it's fun, it's for me. I don't knit sweaters or things like that (yet), and I don't have to knit to clothe people. There's no need for my knitting. Sometimes I like to make gifts for people, but just about everyone I know has a scarf from me now. Until I can knit something more than that for them, my knitting gifts are done. But it's incredibly peaceful to me, to watch something grow from the very first row to the last, on the needles. I love having a project in progress. 

One of the last things I need in way of tools is a set of circular needles. Hopefully I can make that purchase pretty soon. I'm well set for straight needles, thanks to a set I got for Christmas two years ago, but I don't have any circulars.