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Food Friday 7: Crock Pot Extravaganza Part One!

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Fall and winter are the times of year when I tend to really use my Crock-Pot. So for the next few weeks, we're focusing on Corck-Pot meals, but also meals that you can put in the oven or Dutch oven and cook low and slow for long periods of time. These are yummy, healthy meals! 

Our first recipe is from Outlander Kitchen. (I'm a huge Outlander fan, as you know!) This recipe is a chicken fricassee, which I made last week and loved. It's pretty healthy, too, if you remove the skin from the chicken thighs, which I did, and most of the prep work is simplicity. You do have to brown the chicken thighs first for the best color and flavor. But if you're really in a hurry, you can probably skip this step (and the additional oil and butter it calls me) and go right into the pot. Sadly, I didn't take a picture for this entry--bad blogger! But there's a great one on the OK site. 

I also skipped the sauce. I know. I didn't need any extra whipping cream in my life or on my hips. But if you want to, GO FOR IT. 

Here you go--enjoy!

(Also: Catholic 101 releases next Thursday! Have you pre-ordered your copy?)