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Stitch Fix Number Two

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Yes, my fashion friends, it is time for Stitch Fix! (If you don't care about fashion, go read Catholic 101 instead. ) 

This is my second Stitch Fix box. If you're new, hop over here to see what Stitch Fix is and what it's about in detail. But in brief, it's a personal styling service. You fill out a very detailed style profile, pay $20, and a stylist will personally select five pieces based on your preferences and what you've told her you'd like to see. (You don't have to do the stylist note, but it helps!) The $20 is taken off whatever you keep from the Fix. After the Fix is styled, it's sent to you, and you try on all the pieces in the comfort of your own home, with your entire wardrobe at your disposal! 

So this time, I had asked to try another striped top, some more cardigans, and a scarf in the seasonal favorite berry color. I love a good scarf! Above, you can see what I was sent in this month's box. So, without further ado....

Item Number 1: Crescent Leeanne Textured Knit Dress, $68



Since my brother is getting married in the spring, I've kept a note in my style profile that I'd love to see dresses for that. And I just love a good dress anyway! This is a knit dress, which has some lovely stretch, and a fuller skirt than the dress in my last fix, which I love. This dress is great on its own, but when it's kicked up a notch....


Then it really becomes special, to me. That's the great thing about this dress. It's so versatile. So this is now my Christmas outfit. 

Styled with: black patent leather Mary Janes (for that Downton Abbey vibe), red merino Banana Republic cardigan, and Touchstone Crystal earrings. 

A better look at the earrings I wore--the middle pair. The top is J.Crew, the middle and bottom are Touchstone Crystal. These are my earrings, but Stitch Fix does also style jewelry!

A better look at the earrings I wore--the middle pair. The top is J.Crew, the middle and bottom are Touchstone Crystal. These are my earrings, but Stitch Fix does also style jewelry!

You can probably guess the verdict on this one. :) 

Verdict: Kept


Number Two: Colette Chavez Pop Color Cuff Knit Top, $48



I love a good striped top, and I love the colors in this one. However, it's a really thin fabric (you can see my jeans through the top in that second photo), and it's also the type of fabric that snags easily. I know I'll snag it on something and ruin it. Plus, it's so clingy that it makes me look rounder than I am. 

Styled with: Talbots jeans

Verdict: Returned

Number 3: Dreamers/Debut Barton Cable Trim Cocoon Cardigan $58



When I first saw this in my Fix, I thought, ehhhh. I sort of have a cardigan like this. 

I was so wrong. 

This guy is so soft, with intricate little details tucked in the ribbing that make it really stand out. It's long and feels like a hug when you put it on. Really, it does! I can fit t-shirts under it without weird lines happening, which makes this very versatile for turning my summer t-shirts into things I can wear in the fall and winter without freezing. And I love the shaping at the bottom. 

Styled with: Talbots jeans, J. Crew Perfect V-neck tee (black)

Verdict: Kept

Number 4: Market & Spruce Marcello Cable Knit Cardigan $78



This guy was just...too too. We had the "Little arms" problem again here--I had to roll the cuffs, which is fine, but the other problem is how low the cardigan hits, and how the buttons draw eyes RIGHT to my middle, which is not really where I want eyes. It was very warm and I loved the color (I'm a sucker for gray!), but, sadly, not for me. 

Styled with the same items as above. 

Verdict: Returned

Number Five: Octavia Russo Plaid Reversible Infinity Scarf, $34 


I love the colors of this scarf. However...I feel like it's eating my head! If this had been a regular scarf I would've kept it, because it has great potential for being a great accessory. However, it was so big that it's only real purpose would've been to keep me warm if I was going to a Packers game in December, and I have my Hufflepuff scarf to do that for me already! 

Verdict: Returned


And now, for TIPS and FAQs. 

You do not have to receive a fix every month. You can receive one every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, quarterly...there's a bunch of ways to set it up! There is NO obligation to buy another box after your first one--it's completely up to you. I have heard that it can take two boxes to get you and your stylist to jell. (Christine and I are on the save wavelength, which I adore.) You can also adjust your Fix shipment schedule at any time. 

If you want to try Stitch Fix, I'd appreciate it if you'd use my referral link: I get a $25 credit for every Fix purchased via my link. However, my opinions in this post are totally my own. Stitch Fix didn't pay me to write this! 

Once you check out, your card will be charged for what you kept. The $20 styling fee will be credited to your purchases. 

If a piece in your fix isn't your size, you can ask for an exchange--sizes only, not colors. (At least not yet.) 

My Tips for Getting a Great Fix

1. Be VERY specific when filling out your Style Profile. I wrote things like "I hate pencil skirts, distressed/ripped items, dolman sleeves, and stilettos." I also dislike skinny jeans and ponchos, so I wrote that as well. I also noted that my brother is getting married in the spring, so I'd like to see spring dresses, and that I love flats and A-lines. 

In addition, you can write a note to your stylist after you schedule a fix. I wrote I'd like to try v-neck cardigans again, and see things that I can wear to holiday gatherings. I'd also like to see a scarf or two, since I love to accessorize with them. And what did I get in this Fix? Those things. :) Christine is really awesome that way. Of course you don't have to do this. But if there are specific things you want to try or need in your wardrobe, it's worth doing. 

2. Do a Pinterest board. Here is mine, and you can see, my stylist definitely looked at it! If you don't have Pinterest, it's worth it to get it just to do this board. If you type in "women's fashion" in the search bar, five million pins will come up. I love how Duchess Kate dresses, so she figures in a lot of my pins. I have a fairly classic, pretty style, and that's reflected in what I've pinned. Take the time to do it; it's fun, anyway. At least I thought so. Also put "Stitch Fix" in the title, so if the link is wonky, your stylist can still find it. 

3. Do not lie about your measurements. Come on, ladies. Put your real weight, your real bra size, your real height. Just be honest. :) And update it! If you've lost or gained weight, put that in there. Always give the most recent information so you can get your best fix. This also applies to the Pinterest board--keep it current. If you search "Stitch Fix" on Pinterest, you'll get lots of ideas and see items that Stitch Fix has, so your stylist can pull them for you (if it's available)! 

So that's box number two in the books! The next one will be in December or January--I haven't decided yet. :)