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Surgery wrap

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Above: Post-surgery necessities .

I'm back! I didn't have to stay overnight, either, which was great. 

So, mostly the surgery was uneventful. The nurse I had didn't want to use my port because she was afraid it would get infected. Um, OK? I mean, unless you're planning on rolling around in mud with hogs and then inserting it, I think we're good. Anyway, Dad and I made it clear that the port was all I have going on, good vein access wise, so people came in and got it going. Per it being mine (and therefore, difficult), it took two tries to get it working, but once it got going, it went merrily on. 

The anesthesiologist was a Penguins fan, so I appreciated that. I tend to get really nauseated after surgery, but this time the hospital gave me a little anti-nausea patch to wear, that worked like a charm! I'm a fan!

The only other issue we ran into pre-op was what to do with my CI. Since we were moving scalp around, I didn't want my CI to become lost in the process. At the same time, I needed to be able to hear if people were talking to me in the OR. So I managed to keep it back into the OR with me, but not my glasses, which annoyed me, since lip reading and being able to see are important to my being able to figure out what's going on around me. Oh well. (Another difference between a children's and an adult hospital--at NCH, I can keep my glasses with me the whole time. Makes my life easier.)  

The surgery took about an hour and then I was in the recovery unit for awhile. Dad and I got home around 5:30, 6:00, and I had a very small dinner because I had a very sore throat, and was in bed by nine. God bless Halo Top ice cream! (Yes, I've been intubated many times before, but I don't remember it being quite so uncomfortable after. But whatever. It's fine now) 

Today I am feeling pretty good. The pain meds I have keep the pain really well in check, which always makes me happy. I'm not allowed to exercise until next week, post-surgeon clearance, so there's going to be a lot of reading happening this week. Not that I mind that. I can make a dent in my book pile! 

The other thing is the lovely dressing I have on my head. I can shower--yay!--but there is part of the area that the surgeon left open to drain a bit--in order to get it to close he would've had to have made a much larger incision. So we're just letting it drain, but that means I have to keep ointment on it, and gauze pads. It's not nearly as bad as post-Mohs, or even immediately post-surgery, but it will look sort of odd. I'll probably be trying to hide it under my hats. :)