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Stitch Fix #3: Christmas Surprises!

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I am so excited to present Stitch Fix Box Number 3! This one is all Christmas surprises--I told my stylist, Christine, to just pick things she thought I'd love, since I didn't have any specific requests for her. 

This month's contenders!

This month's contenders!

If you're new, here's a brief synopsis of what Stitch Fix is, from their site: 

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a truly personalized shopping experience, just for you. Fill out your Style Profile and a personal stylist will hand pick pieces to fit your tastes, needs and budget—and mail them directly to your door. Each box contains five items of clothing, shoes and accessories for you to try on at home. Keep what you love, send the rest back in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are free—even for exchanges!

The Style Profile is really detailed--it's just not stuff like your weight and height. They want to know as much about you and your style as possible, from how much skin you like to show, to your proportions, and what kind of trends and styles you'd like to try. You can even set a price range for individual categories and ask them not to send certain things. For example, in my Style Profile, I ask for no bracelets, rings, or just about any type of shoe other than a flat or lowish heel.  (Stilettos are NOT my friend.) 

There's also a place to add a link to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest Style Board, so your stylist can get a feel for what you like. Finally, there's the style note, where you can ask for specific items, talk about events that are coming up (I mentioned my brother's wedding in the spring), or generally discuss your style or anything you'd like to see in the box. 

So, after you fill out the Style Profile, you will pay $20 as a styling fee. This is taken off any items you decide to keep in your Fix, so I look at it as a down payment on whatever's in the box. Keep in mind that a real person will personally select all five items that come in your box for you, based on what you've told him/ her. 

When the box arrives, it's time for the fun--trying on pieces. This is where I think Stitch Fix has a leg up over normal shopping. Since the box is shipped to you, you have your entire wardrobe at your disposal when you get these pieces. You can see right away if the things that were sent work with items you already have! You don't have to stand in the dressing room and think, "Do I have anything that will go with this? How will this look with my favorite heels? Do I already have things in this color?" 

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This month, since it's the holidays, everything was wrapped in festive holiday paper!



Here are this month's contenders: 

Item Numbers One and Two: 

Urban Expressions Sophia Metallic Envelope Clutch

41 Hawthorn Cristen Shirt Dress

I styled these together, since they just sort of screamed to go together! 

OK, weird face, but it does show the shaping of the dress the best. 

OK, weird face, but it does show the shaping of the dress the best. 


It is becoming a trend that the one thing in my box I'm iffy about ends up being the thing I absolutely adore. This dress was the "iffy" thing this time, but I love it! It's a lovely mullberry color and instead of making me look ridiculous, it makes me look like I have a waist--which I do, now, yay!

This isn't a winter dress, although if it's not too cold, I could wear this with tights and boots. I styled it as I would for the other three seasons. 

The bag is too cute. It's rose gold, and I love that the strap can come off so the bag can be carried as a clutch. It matches the metal on the dress buttons, too, and compliments my shoes! 

Bag close up. Sparkle! 

Bag close up. Sparkle! 

Styled with: Rowen shoes, J. Crew earrings. 

Verdict: Kept both pieces

Item Number Three: 41 Hawthorn Keefe Fitted Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

Item Number Four: Margaret M Deandra Textured A-line Skirt


In my first fix, I received a Margaret M skirt that I adored, so I was excited to get another skirt from that line! I wasn't so sure about the turtleneck, because I am SUPER picky about turtles. I have a scar on my neck that doesn't like to be touched too much, and it doesn't like any scratchy textures near it. Just thinking about that gives me the willies. So I don't have many turtlenecks (read: any) because, while they're a basic wardrobe staple, I Have Requirements that Must Be Met. 

The turtleneck is black, and the skirt is teal with black design on it. It almost feels like a brocade; it has that sort of texture to it. The skirt fits a little more like a pencil than a true A-line, probably because of the heavier fabric. 

Yes, my jeans are long. They're actually too big now, too. A good problem to have, but it means I DESPERATELY need a new pair! 

Yes, my jeans are long. They're actually too big now, too. A good problem to have, but it means I DESPERATELY need a new pair! 

I ended up liking the turtleneck. It's very soft, and yes, I have to roll the arms, but I have to do that with just bout every top I have, because, I have little arms like a T. Rex, which we've covered before. So I don't really take that into account when looking at clothes, unless it's something that can't be rolled, like a coat or a jacket. 

Styled with Talbots jeans, in the second photo. 

Turtleneck verdict: Kept

The skirt grew on me. I really liked how it looked with the turtleneck, and it's a great color. So, I kept it. The nice thing about Stitch Fix is, if you keep everything in your fix, you get 25% off the total. So it was actually cheaper for me to keep the skirt than to keep only four items. Cool, huh? 

Skirt verdict: Kept

Item Number Five: Good Hyouman Lizzie Best Day Ever Graphic Knit Top



Well you know I kept this guy. :) But I had actually asked for a piece like this. I don't have a lot of "comfy clothes" that can keep me warm that aren't raggedy crap. So I wanted soemthign I could wear around the house when I'm working, but that doesn't look like pajamas in case I have to go out somewhere. This fits the bill. It's got an almost flannel texture, and I'm wearing it with leggings right now as I write this (the leggings are New Balance for J. Crew, if you're wondering. Navy blue. Pockets!)

Verdict: Kept!

So this was the first fix where I kept all five items. And having a gift card from my sister definitely helped. It would've been hard to choose what to send back otherwise! This was definitely a nice Christmas Box of Surprises, full of staples I'll wear for a long time to come. 

For more information on how to get a great fix, and tips, see this post 

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